Wedding Gift Registry Tips – Part I

New to this whole wedding thing? So what exactly is a wedding registry and how does it work?  Who is involved and should I make one?  Here are some answers to a few questions you might have about gift registry history and the process.  Feel free to follow some useful tips below and get ready to receive lots of great gifts!

A gift registry is a service provided by a website or retail store that allows an engaged couple to voice their gift preferences to their wedding guests. Cool huh?  The list then becomes available to the wedding guests by the help of one of the couple’s family members, the MOH, or by the merchant.  The gift registry is consistently updated as each item on the list is purchased.  Its system also helps prevent the receiving of duplicate or unwanted gifts by the wedding guests.  This saves time and money for both the giver and the recipient.

Marshall Fields, a Chicago-founded department store, first implemented the practice of a gift registry in 1924.  The store helped engaged couples to choose china, silver, and crystal-item sets to family and friends.  In 1993, US-based Target was the first to introduce an electronic self-service gift registry.

Through the years, the traditional concept of gift registry has now evolved to newer versions such as a honeymoon registry, house registry, and charity registry. Couples have the freedom to ask for contributions to their honeymoon, flights, experience days, or traditional gifts from any store. Wow!

So now that you know the gist, here are some tips to guide you along your wedding registry.  And, yes, you should definitely make one!

  1. Register Early

    Registering for wedding gifts should be one of the first things you do once you get engaged!  Believe me when I say friends and family are thinking about buying wedding gifts as soon as they hear about the engagement.  Do yourself a favor and let your guests know what you want so they can get it for you!

  2. Do It Together

    Don’t forget that these gifts are for BOTH of you! Hit the stores together and agree on the things you need.  Make a list of things you already have and see what’s missing.  Communicate with your partner the style of a home you want to live in together.
    Register for Whatever You Please
    Feel free to register for literally ANYTHING! Don’t limit yourself to fine china. Gifts can range from electronics, to appliances, to even camping equipment and home décor! The sky is the limit!

  3. Consider Your Lifestyle

    Avoid putting things on your list of items that you’re honestly never going to use.  If you two aren’t big drinkers or inclined to throw parties, opt out of fancy wine displays or crystal cocktail glasses.

  4. Verify the Store’s Return Policy

    Always, always check the store’s exchange/return policy, as you might change your mind on items you need.  Luckily, many wedding registry retailers have amazing customer service. Do keep in mind the time frame that the returns are good for.

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