Quiz – Am I A Bridezilla?

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Every bride has heard of the term Bridezilla. Think there’s no way you could ever turn into one? Well here we have some warning signs that might tell you otherwise! Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and look these 9 topics over.. You could save yourself from bruising any relationships during this process.

  1. You’re Angry… All the Time

    Okay so you’re super busy handling everything from the venue to the catering to the gown shopping. Everything is getting on your nerves! You used to be so positive and bubbly and now for some reason you feel no one shares your vision of your wedding anymore! Anger… so much anger towards the world… Lighten up little missy! Everything will be fine. Just take everything one step at a time.

  2. You Don’t Have Time for Anything or Anyone

    You take serious amount of time off of your workday to handle every issue at hand, even if this means the entire afternoon. Suddenly nothing else matters in the world except searching for the perfect venue and décor. Don’t remember who you used to hang out with all the time? Sit down and take a breather! Don’t let certain areas of your life suffer just because you want everything to be perfect.

  3. No One is Answering Your Texts and Calls

    Why isn’t anyone answering your texts and calls anymore? Does no one care about your concerns about the details and everything going wrong? The truth is, everyone did care, but it’s hard to deal with someone who has an issue with everything and then takes it out on the people around her. Yes your wedding should be the one of the top priorities in your life, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the top one in everyone else’s. Ease up on the stress and don’t bring everyone involved into it.

  4. Your Parents Apply for a Second Mortgage

    You want the most expensive utensils and flower arrangements available and insist on ordering those even though you know your parents can’t afford it. At this point you don’t even consider the financial hardships they will endure because all you can think about is yourself and what you want at your wedding. Think about your parents and what this will mean to their future and their retirement funds. You don’t want them living the rest of their lives in stress all because you needed the best of the best for one event.

  5. Your Bridesmaids Back Out

    Suddenly wondering why all of your bridesmaids are backing out? Perhaps they can’t afford the bridesmaids dresses? Or are tired of your ever-changing plans and ideas? Or have they simply been pushed too far with your demands and antics? Whatever the reason, keep in mind that their world doesn’t revolve around you and they have their own lives too. Remember that there are more people involved in your wedding than just you and everyone’s feelings or financial standpoint should be considered.

  6. Your Fiancé Has No Say

    Your fiancé hates lemon cake, but you love lemon cake. So you then decide that your wedding cake is going to be lemon. Or he hates the color purple and then you decide that your wedding theme will be purple. Your poor fiancé, does he have no say in this ordeal? Don’t become self-centered and selfish, disregarding your partner’s wishes and needs. This will be one of the true tests of your relationship, and how well you two can communicate and agree on certain decisions.

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