Wedding Gift Registry Tips – Part II

Wedding Gifts

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If you missed Part I to the history and process of gift registry, you can find it here: Wedding Gift Registry Tips – Part II

You’ll find that some of these tips below are just a fraction of all the things you should keep me in mind when dealing with a gift registry!

  1. Cover Entire Price Range

    Be sure to register for items in a wide price range so that all of your guests can choose the gifts they can afford.  This means providing gifts starting at $20, and up to the hundreds, or even higher if you so wish.  You don’t want a friend in college to feel overwhelmed by not being able to get you a gift you want.

  2. Be Considerate of Your Guests

    Think green and have your registry available online.  However, guests should be able to place their orders in person, by phone, or by fax as well.  Everyone has such busy schedules these days.  So you want to allow them to be able to place their order at any time of the day!

  3. Update Often

    The registry program should automatically update once a guest buys a gift for you.  This means allowing your guests to see which gifts have already been purchased and allowing you to see what’s coming soon! Visit your registry often and update any sections so that guests always have a variety of gifts to choose from.  It would be a good idea to aim to provide at least twice as many items on your list as guests attending your wedding.

  4. Think About Gift Cards

    While some couples would love to receive cash, it may be difficult to ask for it from their guests.  As a more etiquette-friendly option, opt for gift cards from your favorite stores. Nowadays, many stores allow you to register for gift cards.  Then you can use them later to buy the items you want and need.  If you’re still set on preferring cash, ask a couple of your closest friends or family members to politely spread the word.

  5. Say Thank You

    Being grateful for your gifts is crucial, for yourself, and for your giver as well.  Show your thankfulness to your guests by sending them Thank You cards.  Gifts received before the wedding should be thanked with a card sent within two weeks of that gift’s arrival.  Cards for gifts received on or after the wedding day should be sent within a month of your return from your honeymoon. In your card or Thank You note, be sure to include the name of the gift.  This ensures to the guest that you know exactly what you received from him/her.  I recommend also writing a few words about the gift just so that you don’t get confused about which gift you are writing about.

    If the gift was money or a gift card, mention how you plan to use it.  For example, making a down payment on a house or buying a new sofa set.

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