Unique Wedding Rings For Men

Selecting wedding rings is a very important part of any wedding process, but more often than not it’s a bit more fun for the bride than the groom. Not only is the bride excited about her engagement ring, but it’s usually a bit easier for a woman to have fun with jewelry options than a man. Furthermore, most men assume that wedding rings for grooms are merely supposed to be plain golden bands. Take a look at 77 Diamonds or Etsy.com, and you will see that you countless options to consider. In fact, you can actually get pretty creative, and end up with something that will stand out as very individual.


  1. Wood & Antler w/ Titanium & Turquoise Wedding Band  from StagHeadDesigns on Etsy.
  2. Recycled Silver Eco-Friendly Mens Wedding Band from PointNoPoint Studio on Etsy.
  3. Fingerprint Wedding Band from our friends Brent and Jess over at Fabuluster on Etsy.

Here are a few specific ideas for how to select a unique wedding band as a groom.

• Consider an alternative metal for your ring. Most women tend to go with yellow or white gold for their rings, though there are actually many different options. Many men choose to go with titanium or platinum rings, provided that they don’t want the yellow gold appearance. Titanium and platinum are very strong and heavy metals that will be harder to damage and will feel a bit more substantial on your finger, which is something that appeals to men. Tungsten wedding bands are also gaining in popularity as this metal is very strong and scratch resistant.

• Look into two-tone (mixed-metal or mixed material) rings, if you want to have a bit of personal style but you aren’t into anything too flashy.  These rings can look very classy, but can also provide you with something a bit more unique than a simple one-colored band.

• Patterns can offer you something that’s perhaps even a bit more unique and rare among wedding rings. Similar to two-tone rings, woven patterned men’s rings also have patterns worked into them, which are typically only apparent when viewed closely. Still, if you want your wedding band to have a bit of personal touch and you find a pattern that you like the look of, this is a great potential option.

• Puzzle rings are also available, and offer perhaps the flashiest options available for men’s rings, if you truly want to do something different. These rings have puzzle-piece resembling patterns worked into them, and each one appears different from the next.

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