Why DIY? The Charm of Homemade Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are in your hands! You may think the Do It Yourself ethos is limited to your fiance trying to fix your kitchen sink or Martha Stewart’s Christmas wreaths made of Colorado holly and hand-ground gold glitter, but it’s much less complicated, and more fun, than you might think. In fact, the only trouble you might have is choosing your very favorite option out of many!

With hundreds of options, Do It Yourself Invitations are perfect for those of you who like that delightful combination of choices and control. For the simplest wedding invitations, a Single Panel Invitation Kit has space enough to convey the important information, and you can choose your favorite colors for that touch of personality. You’ll get everything you need, too, from envelopes to enclosure cards, so all you need to add are words!

For those who prefer something a little fancier than single, double, or triple panel wedding invitations, check out Custom Mix ‘n Match Wedding Invitations. From folio invitations to beribboned jacket invites, you can choose the wedding invitations that best define you and your fiance.

Perfect for brides-to-be with a unique eye for color, DIY invitations offer almost unlimited potential color combinations. Want to combine your very favorite colors with those of your fiance? If you can’t find the perfect purple and black invitation on the market, you can create it! With over 65 paper colors to choose from, you can easily find the colors you need for the wedding invitations of your dreams.

DIY invitations are easier than you’d think, too & all you need is a compatible laser printer to print each of your wedding invitations out. Wording, font, and text placement are all in your hands, so you won’t have to fear potential typos or anything equally problematic. Confused about the correct wording for wedding invitations? Check out our simple guide to what to say on your wedding invitations and how to say it. You’ll love the unique look of your DIY wedding invitations!