Hello, my name is Hosta

Hello, my name is Hosta.Ahhh… summer.  Isn’t it just the best time of year?  Well, I think so, anyway.  Hi.  They call me Hosta.  I like a nice shady spot to hang out in during those long summer days.  I’m one of America’s favorite perennial plants because of my wonderful leaves…they can be different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors.  I guess you can say that the other plants are “green” with envy over my beautiful foliage!  One of my favorite things to do is complement flowers in bridal bouquets.  My beautiful shades of green really make the flowers stand out.  Next time you’re in a garden, keep an eye out for me…I’m sure you’ll see me in a cool shady spot.  Until then, “¡Hosta” la vista!

  • Hosta leaves range in size from a couple inches to over 18 inches long
  • Leaves can be green, blue, gold, or a combination of these colors with some leaves having stripes of yellow, white, or cream
  • The texture of hosta leaves can be smooth, puckered, or veined and the edges can be smooth or ruffled
  • Hosta leaves vary in shape and include heart-shaped, lance-like and cupped
  • Hostas are non-toxic and seasonal to late spring through early fall
  • The leaves will probably outlast any cut flower in your arrangements

My little sister was married last summer, and the only live flowers she had for her entire wedding were in her bouquet (see pictures below).  All the other arrangements were mainly hosta leaves… even the decorations on the head table!  It looked classy and clean, and they were beautiful and free (well, I spent about three hours cutting leaves out of my mother’s garden, and we spent several hours making all the arrangements, but we didn’t pay a dime for the greens).  By the way, the napkins are decorated with tissue paper flowers.  Check out Kristin’s Handmade article to learn how to make them.

Want to see more hostas?  Check out my board on Pinterest.

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