Olive, Sage, and Lime: The Best Green Wedding Invitations

We know green is the latest craze for wedding invitations – but that’s not the kind of green we mean. Sure, organic handmade recycled etc. wedding invitations can be fun, but how about good old green the color? From forest to mint, green can be a pretty pastel accent or a bold citrusy statement. Choose your favorite shade for your green wedding invitations!

Olive: Perk up this deep shade of green with exciting accents of gold.

Lime: With a bold statement like lime wedding invitations, we say you might as well commit!  Great for the post-modernist in you, especially if your ceremony is going to be more casual than formal.

Celadon: Celebrate with celadon via these Anna Griffin Celadon Repousse Wedding Invitations (no longer available). This delicate shade of sage is subdued on the side of grey if you fear an excess of green.

Mint: A candy-sweet color like mint green deserves wedding invitations just as tasty! Try out these Mint and Brown Swirl Wedding Invitations (no longer available) with their echoes of delicious chocolate mint candy, and try out Andes mints as wedding favors to continue the theme!

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