Mimic Royal Wedding Tips – Part 1

The media has been abuzz with all the talk on the royal wedding. People were counting down the hours to the event and watched with wonder from all over the globe.

Some people were even going so far as to place bets on who the designer of the gown would be. While not everyone was as enthralled by the event as much as those they kept showing on the television. However, many whom are in the throes of wedding planning certainly took a bit of interest as to what kind of details there would be in such a grand wedding.

Many brides search catalogs and websites daily looking for inspiration even things to copy. So it makes perfect sense that many brides looked to this monumental event for inspiration in order to make knock-offs their budget can handle.

Of course, not every detail from the wedding would you want to borrow, (albeit immaculate works of art most on this side of the pond would not wear such elaborate hats) unless possibly at a derby. And that extra, extra large guest list, probably not for most of us.

However there are many different royal wedding details that several couples may look into replicating for their wedding.

For example, the tiara you can find similar designed headbands at several different places. Check out customizable websites such as Etsy.com, where crafters hand make items. Most of the sellers will even make completely customized pieces tailored exactly to your tastes. Don’t forget the veil, Etsy carries several vintage items along with those hand made and customized. Be sure to check out local bridal shops, craft stores, and tailors all of whom may be able to help you find the right look as well.

That beautiful blue sapphire has been a big hit! Check out local boutiques and the department stores that are geared at the juniors and young adults. Typically these types of stores have large costume jewelry sections. Consider buying each one of your bridesmaids a similarly looking blue stoned cocktail ring. Or you could opt to buy a blue stone pendant on a long chain pair that up with bridesmaid gowns that have a plunging neckline and you have got a perfect match.

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