Mason Jars – A Flexible Décor Option

Mason jars are great for canning your favorite fruits and vegetables from your garden.  Mason jars can also have many uses when it comes to weddings as well.  They are a great accessory for any style wedding because they are versatile and adaptable.  Here are some great ways to use those mason jars sitting in the pantry to help make a wedding beautiful and memorable.
Stick to the Canning – Canned fruits and vegetables make a sweet and thoughtful wedding favor for wedding guests.  Try preparing custom labels for the jars that state the date of the wedding and other information like the couples name on one side of the jar.  On the other side of the jar put information about what the jar contains.  A square piece of cloth can be banded on the top of the jar for a great look.  Choose fabric that reflects the theme of the wedding or compliments the wedding colors.  A tag can also be tied to the jar featuring a recipe or two that can be made using, in part, the contents of the jar.
Treat in a Jar – All the ingredients for a delicious treat can go into a mason jar for guests.  Hot cocoa can be scooped in a jar and layered with marshmallows and peppermint chunks for a winter wedding.  The dry ingredients for chocolate chip cookies can be artfully layered in a jar any time of year.  The dry ingredients for so many fun treats can be layered into a mason jar. These treat jars can even be prepared to help make homemade ice cream with the addition of ice.  Be sure to label or tag the jar with instructions for preparing the treats.
Adorn the Aisle – Mason jars can be filled with water and flower arrangements and hung from pews or chairs with a wide ribbon.  This is an easy and beautiful way to decorate the aisle in addition to flower petals and a runner.  They are also great decoration when things like runners and petals are not allowed by the ceremony venue.  In an outdoor venue the mason jar arrangements can be hung from shepherd’s hooks hung in the ground.  The flowers and water can be replaced with candles for an evening ceremony.
Get Creative with Centerpieces – Of course mason jars make nice vases.  Try using a large mason jar at the center of the table and filling it with flowers.  Then use smaller jars of varying sizes and fill them with more flowers to place around the larger jar.  The smaller jars can also be filled with pebbles, sand, glass beads or other items instead of flowers.  You can also fill the jars with treats for your guests for after the meal. You can wrap mason jars in twine for a unique look as well.
Fill Out Your Candy Bar  – Apothecary jars are very popularly used for creating candy bars.  Mason jars are often less expensive than apothecary jars and can be found in a variety of styles and sizes.  Arrange the jars by sizes and the colors of the candy to create an eye pleasing look for the candy bar.
Protected Drinks – An outdoor summer wedding will often serve lots of cool, refreshing drinks like iced tea and lemonade.  Why not provide guests with personalized mason jars as glasses. They are sold with handles sometimes and even without they are a heavy duty glass that won’t be prone to breaking at the first topple.  The lids can help guests protect their drinks from the insects that will be attracted to the sugar in the drinks during an outdoor reception.
Easy Favor Jars – Mason jars come in so many sizes and styles that they are perfect to use as favor jars.  Most of them are made of clear glass so the bright candies and treats that are placed inside will show through nicely, giving the favors a pretty look.  They can then be labeled, tagged or otherwise personalized for an easy do it yourself favor.
Pie In a Jar – Many mason jars will stand up to baking especially at low heats.  Research some recipes for sweet treats like cupcakes and miniature pies and bake them right in the jars for fun desserts for the wedding guests.
Accents Around the Room – Use a personalized mason jar to hold the pens for your guests to sign the guest book. Place votive candles in mason jars to softly light an evening reception. Fill mason jars with a little soil and plant some quick growing seeds a few weeks before the wedding for a pretty and eco friendly accent.
As Wedding Party Gifts – Fill mason jars with loose tea, gourmet coffee, bath salts or anything else you would like to give the wedding party as a gift.  Mason jars are functional and decorative, so  they will look very pretty lined on the shelf in the kitchen or in the bathroom.
Triple Duty – If you wish to use the mason jars as glasses for your guests you can really stretch your wedding dollars by having them do triple duty.  Placing a label or tag with each guest’s name and table number on the jar will have it serving as an escort card. Taking the time to personalize and decorate them means the guests will also want to take them home so they are doing duty as a favor as well.

Mason jars are flexible and functional.  They can also add beauty to the room.  They are a great option for the crafty bride, a frugal bride or a bride who is simply on a budget.

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