Halloween Party 2011 – Decorations and Entertainment for Kids

Decorations for a Halloween party will greatly vary with the theme chosen for the party. If the theme is from a period or movie, replications of items from that period or movie can make fun decorations. Using fog machines to create a mist is a popular Halloween party decoration. Orange and black streamers and tablecloths supplemented with fake creepy crawlies is a simple decoration theme option. Coffins can be created with shoe boxes (or other boxes) and felt. Black lights can be used to give all the white items in the room, like ghosts, an eerie glow. Cobwebs with spiders and glow in the dark items are also great Halloween party decorations. A spooky soundtrack or fun monster themed songs and horror movie theme songs are a must.

Halloween Party Entertainment for Kids

Adults may be entertained by the theme of the party alone, especially when surrounded by friends.  Children usually require more activity oriented fun.

Arts and Crafts- Have the kids make Halloween masks, treat bags and other Halloween themed craft items. Have them create a scarecrow in the style of a monster.

Playing With Food- Help kids create a gingerbread haunted house or go bobbing for apples. Let them decorate their own cupcakes or cookies.

Jack O’ Lantern Carving or Pumpkin Painting- Older children can carve jack o’ lanterns with supervision while younger children can paint faces and scenes on pumpkins.

Haunted Trick or Treating- If the party venue is large enough trick or treating stations can be set up for children to get treats from adults dressed as various characters and spooky creatures.

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