Back to School Parties

The adults usually have a Labor Day party that marks the end of summer and the kids then get shuffled back to school if they haven’t been in school already.  Many children are not so excited about returning to school after a summer vacation. Starting the tradition of a back to school party can give them something to anticipate each year.


Be sure to check and see if the school has rules about inviting the entire class or all of the girls or boys when having a party. Let the child or children help choose and word the invites.  If the children are old enough they can make their own invitations with card stock.  Just be sure to approve a template and flip through to review the info on all of them before they are sent out.


The activities at a back to school party will vary based on the ages of the guests. Try making teacher bingo cards with the names of the teachers at the school in the squares instead of numbers.  Supplement the list of names with school words like pencils, books and report card.  Play pin the tail on the principal by drawing a stick figure principal.  Incorporating touches that are unique to the school and that the children attending will help keep them engaged in the activities. Allow the children to create a class t-shirt, have them all draw ideas on pieces of paper for a t-shirt design.  Then have them vote on the best few and each create a t-shirt in the design of one of the choices using fabric paints and glues.  Then allow all the children to sign each other’s shirts when they have dried.


Sit down meals are difficult with large groups of children.  Finger foods like chicken tenders and vegetable sticks are great choices.  Pizza is also a crowd favorite with children and the adults that are accompanying them.



Custom pencils and pens and other school supplies make great favors for these parties.  Once again favors will be based on the ages of the children.

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