Here’s All You Need to Know About Save the Date Cards

Planning your wedding is an exciting process, and one of the first and most important steps is setting your wedding date. Once you’ve chosen the perfect day for this special occasion, you’ll be eager to share the happy news with family and friends.

save the date cards

Sending your save the date cards in advance is important to ensure your guests have plenty of time to fit your big day into their busy schedules. You want your loved ones to be there to share in this momentous occasion. Save the date cards are the perfect way to announce the exciting news and ensure your guests have this once-in-a-lifetime event marked on their calendars.

Save the Date Card Etiquette

In general, it is considered common courtesy to mail your save the date cards four to six months before the wedding date. If you’re having a destination wedding, particularly during a peak travel time like the summer or a three-day weekend, it’s important to send your save the date cards even sooner. Sending save the date cards for destination weddings eight months in advance ensures your guests will have adequate time to prepare for necessary hotel and travel arrangements as well.

Send a save the date card to everyone you’re planning on inviting to the wedding. Even guests you’ve already spoken to about your wedding date will expect to receive a save the date card in the mail. Remember that, once you’ve sent your save the date cards out, you are expected to invite everyone who received one, so it’s crucial to decide on your guest list in advance.

Save the date cards should include essential details like the wedding date, location and, if possible, your wedding website URL, where guests can find additional information. Also, be sure to include both of your names. Remember a save the date card is not a substitute for a formal wedding invitation, and you’ll still want to send official wedding invitations to your guests.

Why Not E-mail?

Sending notifications in the mail might seem old-fashioned, but there are many reasons a save the date card is preferred over an e-mail. For one, guests are more likely to receive a message sent in the mail, because cards sent electronically are sometimes filtered into guests’ spam folders, or even sent to an e-mail address they no longer check. Furthermore, some of your guests, especially older guests like your grandparents, might not even have e-mail addresses.

A save the date card is also a practical reminder of the event, as many recipients display the card somewhere in their home or office, such as on the fridge. A save the date card also sets the tone for your wedding and provides your guests with an exciting preview of the event.

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Customize to Suit your Style

Save the date cards are available in a variety of styles, colors and themes, and they can be customized to match your unique style. While planning your wedding, you will likely have an overall theme in mind. Customizing your save the date cards to match the overarching theme of your wedding is a great way to ensure every aspect of your special day is memorable and unique.

  • Cute and Trendy

These fun, modern save the date cards are perfect for a fun-loving young couple.

  • Glitz and Glamour

If you’re a fashionable couple dreaming of a glamorous, luxurious wedding, these chic and stylish save the date cards are the perfect choice. The glittery gold accents and bold, yet elegant font really make this classy card stand out.

  • Beachy, Island Theme

If your wedding has a beachy, island theme, these starfish save the date cards are ideal! A fun, tropical theme is especially fitting for a beach or destination wedding.

  • Vintage Classic

Retro save the date cards with a classic, vintage flair are perfect for weddings being held at historic venues.

  • Traditional and Timeless

If you want your wedding to have a timeless, traditional feel, you’ll love these classic peony save the date cards. The soft, romantic color scheme, elegant, calligraphy-style text and dainty, floral design make these lovely save the date cards a versatile option for any wedding.

  • Rustic, Country Charm

These Mason jar save the date cards are adorable for a country wedding with rustic charm. These bright and cheerful cards are especially fitting for outdoor weddings or spring weddings.

Make it Personal

Sending save the date cards to your intended guests is a practical, yet personal way to let your guests know how meaningful it is for you to share this special moment with them. A save the date card that uniquely reflects the one-of-a-kind relationship between you and your fiancé adds a meaningful, personal touch.

  • Sending Love

A romantic save the date card that features a photo of you and your fiancé surrounded by hearts and the heartfelt message “sending love” is a touching way to let friends and family know you care about including them in your special day.

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Reminders Are Important

Planning your wedding is an exciting, but sometimes overwhelming process. You might feel so wrapped up in everything you need to do to prepare that you forget how busy your guests are, too!

Your friends and family likely want nothing more than to share in your special day, but it’s important to be considerate of their busy schedules and give them plenty of notice. A save the date card is the perfect way to notify and remind your guests of your wedding date, so they won’t miss out on this special occasion.