How to Buy Wedding Invitations Without Breaking the Bank

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Wedding invitations are a sneak peek into the theme of your upcoming nuptials. Whether you are planning a formal event or a wedding with a rustic vibe, you’ll still want quality invitations that won’t break the bank. But how do you get inexpensive wedding invitations without compromising style? Check out our 12 tips below. 

  1. Decide on a Theme and Style Before Shopping

Determine what you are looking for in an invitation. This includes the style, size, theme and the information you want on it. Narrowing down what you want your invitations to look like before you start looking at them will save you both time and money. There are tons of options available, but if you know what you are searching for, then the ones that don’t fit your criteria won’t distract you and potentially add to your budget.

Invitations can range in themes from simple and elegant to bold and contemporary. Some invites can even match the theme of your wedding, whether it is by the location or by using your theme’s colors. There are beach and nature, black tie, holiday-themed and many more inspired invitations to choose from, so knowing ahead of time what you want can allow you to focus on details like letterpress, hues and enclosures.

  1. Consider the Type of Invitation

Some invitations have space for the invitation and reception information and include a detachable response card. This folio pocket style invitation is a unique way for guests to receive their wedding invites. Because of the pockets and folds, you have the chance to pack a lot of information into the invitation and better yet, it almost feels like opening a present! Your guests will swoon over these details.

If you don’t have a lot of information or can’t narrow down the most important information you wish to include, then smaller, simpler wedding invitations may be a great money-saving option instead of a pocket invitation.

  1. Combine Your Enclosure Cards

If you prefer to have enclosures, keep your information concise. Consider combining details like hotel accommodations and directions on one card. It’s also one less thing for your guests to keep track of.

  1. Don’t Forget the Clearance Section

If your wedding invitation budget is super tight, consider scrolling through the clearance section with your wedding stationery supplier. You can find plenty of variety at a fraction of the cost, and no one will know you ordered your invitations at a discounted price.

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  1. DIY Your Invitations

Another way to work around budget constraints is to make DIY invitations. If you’re a good bargain hunter, you might even be able to find invitations on clearance. While DIYing your invitation will save money, it will definitely take more time. This is a project best paired with good wine and great friends.

  1. Add Embellishments Yourself

We understand not everyone has the talent or the time to DIY their wedding invitations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own special touch, such as ribbon or twine in a hue to match your wedding color scheme. Adding embellishments yourself allows you to spend money elsewhere on your invitations, such as on matting or thermography printing.

  1. Letterpress Your Invitation, but Not the Enclosures

If you wanted to add your own personal touch to your invitations, you could purchase blank invitation cards and use a letterpress technique to decorate them with. Just be sure to use flat print for the other enclosures, such as the RSVP card to save money. Your invitation and enclosures will still look absolutely fabulous when opened by the recipient.

  1. Choose One Color for Your Letterpress Invitation

The more colors you use for printing, the more time and labor it requires. For a more affordable invitation, stick to just one color. If you want to add a pop of pigment, mail your invitation in colored envelopes to match your theme, or choose a flat print color for your enclosures, since digital printing gives you unlimited color choices.

  1. Add Your RSVP to Your Wedding Website

Save on additional postage, while adding convenience for your guests. Ask them to RSVP online. The money saved on postage can be used elsewhere, such as for customized napkins or menu cards.

  1. Limit Your Layers

Using layers for invitations add a special touch to your invitation. You can achieve the same expensive look by choosing a heavier cardstock with a shimmer finish or a linen texture.

  1. Buy More to Save More!

Request a discount if you buy multiple stationery pieces from the same vendor. If you order everything from save the date to programs to thank you cards, you may be able to negotiate a bulk discount.

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  1. Talk to Your Stationery Supplier

Your wedding stationery supplier can help you achieve the wedding invitation of your dreams. Discuss your ideas with them and be honest about your budget. They can help you maximize current trends such as lace and country chic, without exceeding your budget. Whether it is cardstock, colors, enclosures, printing or the theme, your stationery supplier is your best resource for all your wedding stationery supplies.