Springtime Lilacs

Ahhh… nothing smells like Springtime to me like the mesmerizing floral scents of the lovely lilac.  I grew up in Ohio, so lilac trees were a common sight (not so much here in Raleigh, NC).  My mother had several in her yard, and the heralding of Spring brought heaps of lilac flowers into the house.  To this day, the sweet smell of these light purple (and sometimes pink or white) beauties brings me back to my childhood and the carefree days of Spring break.  If my wedding had been in Spring, I most certainly would have carried lilacs down the aisle (like my sister did during her early May wedding a few years ago).  As an added bonus, the leaves of the lilac tree are shaped like hearts!

So, do yourself a favor this Spring and go out to a local botanical garden or arboretum and take a relaxing walk among some beautiful lilac trees while taking in their refreshing and addicting scent.

Want to see more lovely lilacs? Check out Pinterest  for more amazing flowers.

Image Credits: Flowers in Jars, Large Bouquet via Senka Florist, White Lilacs, Boutonniere, Centerpiece, Purple Close-Up via Karen Marlene Larsen

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