Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

Choosing your wedding vendors- How to make wise decisions and be confident with those decisions.

You already know to choose vendors that you like and who can accommodate your needs. Here are a few other guidelines you may not have considered or that may have slipped your mind.

  • Check their references. Don’t just look at the portfolio or testimonials on the vendors website. The vendor controls what you see their and they will only show you their very best. Some less scrupulous vendors may even forge reviews this way. The vendor should be able to quickly provide you with a few references from past clients. Contact those clients and talk to them and ask questions. Ask your friends and family for recommendations as well.
  • Shop around. Don’t choose the first vendor you find with a decent price point who can accommodate your event. Get price quotes from several vendors and talk to your favorites about what they don’t offer in their price that other vendors do. Many vendors will work with you to keep their schedule booked. For example if one florist is offering free corsages for the couples mothers try negotiating that with the florist you really love.
  • Read the fine print. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Make sure you understand what your responsibilities are in all worst case scenarios. How much of the deposit do you lose if you have to cancel or change venues? If the vendor books the date for another event do you then get your deposit returned? What reimbursement are you entitled to if the vendor doesn’t uphold their end of your contract?
  • Trust your vendors. Once you have done all of your research and have made your choices, relax and trust in the decisions you made. Take a deep breath and enjoy your special day. After all that is why you should always:
  • Purchase wedding insurance. Make sure you understand what your policy covers. Will it cover no show vendors? How about damage to your venues or stolen wedding gifts? Even if you never use the insurance it can be a useful expense for the peace of mind it gives.
  • Use the power of social networking. Get online and ask your friends for recommendations. Scour forums for tips regarding local venues and vendor options. Ask questions on wedding sites. Take in all the information good and bad and use it to help make your decision.
  • Ask a vendor you love for recommendations. If you have a florist that your family has used for years and that you absolutely love try asking them if they can recommend a good caterer. Or ask your caterer to recommend a DJ who can keep people dancing.

Choose your vendors and venues carefully to help ensure your wedding day goes smoothly with minimal kinks. If something does go wrong be prepared to improvise and relax and enjoy your wedding day anyway knowing you have done all you can to be prepared and at least you will have a story to tell.


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