10 Great Honeymoon Spots, Without Leaving the United States

The economy is tight which means we are looking to save everywhere.  Many couples still want to fit a honeymoon in their budget.  Honeymoons that take us overseas add extra travel expenses that can be avoided by honeymooning more locally.

Maybe work or family obligations have you wanting to keep it local?  International travel sounds glamorous and fun, but there is so much to see right here in the United States you couldn’t possibly see it all in one lifetime.

Here are some great honeymoon destinations for you to consider.

  • Hawaii – Hawaii is a popular honeymoon destination and rightfully so.  You get an exotic island honeymoon without dealing with passports and the hassles of international travel. The quality of the hotels is outstanding and the array of amenities that are available is overwhelming. Hawaii has everything from active volcanoes to quiet walks on the beach. Helicopter rides, snorkeling, dolphin and whale watching, scuba diving and a wide array of hiking options will keep nearly any couple wrapped in the island paradise atmosphere.  Of course there is always the option to just relax on the beach near the crystal waters. There are several islands to choose from so it is best to choose an island that offers all the activities you are interested in trying or an island with easy access to those islands.  Some couples even split the time on their honeymoon and stay on two different islands.
  • The Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania – This 2,400 square mile area offers year round appeal to honeymooning couples. The terrain is amazing.  The mountains contain countless waterfalls and over 100 lakes. Lake Wallenpaupack is one of the better known lakes with 52 miles of uninterrupted shoreline. With state park camping sites, canoeing, hiking, biking, golfing and eagle watching, the Poconos offer something for everyone.  Nearby areas offer concerts, plays and museums for some variation to the outdoor theme.
  • Niagara Falls – Niagara Falls has been called the honeymoon capitol of the world.  The most famous attraction is the Maid of the Mist tour which is a boat named after an ancient Ongiara mythical character. The Maid of the Mist takes tourists into the whirlpools beneath the falls. The main reason couples choose Niagara Falls as a honeymoon destination is its romance and the spectacular site of the falls themselves.
  • Wine Country, California – Napa Valley and Sonoma are parts of one of the most famous wine growing areas in the world. Napa Valley is the larger of the two valleys and features dozens more restaurants, wineries, vineyards and hotels. Many of the activities center around the industry of the area, including hot air balloon rides with a spectacular view of the vineyards.
  • Girdwood, Alaska – Alaska is often called America’s last great frontier. In Girdwood there is a resort called the Alyeska.  This frontier paradise offers skiing, spas, concerts and even summer camp programs. Weather permitting you can ride an aerial tram and see miles in all directions. Beautiful scenery and lots of outdoor activities highlight the experience in Alaska.  A beautiful resort is a great way to unwind at the end of an activity packed day.
  • New Orleans – The French quarter in New Orleans is an outstanding choice as a honeymoon destination.  In the wake of the natural disasters the area faced, New Orleans lost popularity as a tourism destination for awhile as the locals rebuilt their lives.  New Orleans is once again going strong and definitely not under water.  New Orleans is known for food and music most of all.  Cooking classes taught by locals offer more than a chance to learn about the local cuisine. Learn about the rich history of New Orleans and where the food fits into the tale.  Music lovers of all kinds thrive in New Orleans.  Jazz, Zydeco, Rockabilly and Gospel are specialties of the region. New Orleans offers something for everyone from the elegant to the quirky.
  • Smoky Mountains – The plants that bloom year round here are amazing but spring and summer offer a particularly spectacular display.  Great Smoky Mountain National Park has earned the nickname wild flower national park. From secluded cabins to a variety of outdoor activities this is perfect for an adventurous yet romantic honeymoon.
  • South Carolina – A honeymoon in South Carolina is like having one foot in the past and the other in the luxuries of the present.  South Carolina is rich in American historical sites and offers all the luxuries and amenities that today’s honeymoon couple have come to expect.  Tours and re-enactments are some of the highlights of a honeymoon in South Carolina.
  • Sante Fe, New Mexico – Enchanting inns, luxurious spas, a wide selection of restaurants and national monuments and historic areas are all part of the charm and romance of a Sante Fe honeymoon.  This is ideal for a couple that is just looking to relax and enjoy some good food and company.  They have plenty to do if you get bored of massages, hot tubs and salt rubs (is that possible?).
  • Glacier National Park, Montana – The natural beauty in Glacier Park is astounding.  Choose a campground or a hotel and enjoy over 130 lakes and 700 miles of trails.  There is a protected eco system to help ensure that this beauty remains for generations to come. The well known “Going to the Sun” road crosses the continental divide and cuts through the heart of the park.  Dense forests, alpine tundra and beautiful lakes and waterfalls make this a spectacular honeymoon destination for couples looking to enjoy the wonders of nature.

These and so many other locations make it easy to plan a honeymoon that suits any couple without the hassle of passports and international travel.  There is so much to see and do right here in the United States you could spend a lifetime trying to see and do it all.

Wherever you go for your honeymoon grab one of those glossy tourism magazines you find in the hotels and gas stations.  They can be a valuable guide to what you should be seeing and doing.