Show Some Glamour at Your Wedding with Sequins

Sequins are becoming a big deal at weddings. In bridesmaid gowns (a big trend especially this year) and otherwise. A little bit of glitter and sparkle is what it is all about.

There are many different ways to use sequins at your wedding and reception.  Many brides are just looking for that little something to add some extra glamour. As with many trends less is more and if you overdo it you could easily do more harm than good.

A very obvious choice would be to use sequins on your shoes. Many brides like to choose a more traditional and subtle gown and then really wow the guests with her shoes. Extra sparkle shoes are a perfect choice for brides with shorter dresses. Shoes in a brighter shade of one of your wedding colors are always a big hit! From fully covered in sequins to maybe just a small adornment at the heel. Sequins on shoes scream fun!

Are you more focused on obtaining some extra glamour near your face? Headpieces like headbands, fascinators and hats have been all the rage the past couple of years. Cute headpieces are always a special delight for the short haired bride, many of who are unsure of what to do with their hair come wedding day. A thin simple headband with skinny row of sequins is very chic in a non-princess way. If you are a bit more daring try a fascinator pinned just above the ear with a large sequined design. Maybe an oversized flower, almost brooch like. Even a small hat covered in sequins can be quirky and cute. If these options seem a bit excessive just glitter your veil. Veils can be purchased or altered to have just a small sprinkling of sequins throughout. These will add just a subtle hint of sparkle and shine.

What about to carry with you down the aisle? Some brides just don’t care for flowers. Others may have allergies that make bouquet shopping a nightmare. Why not consider you and your maids carrying a clutch purse instead of blooms. Covered in tightly stitched sequins your guests will notice you are able to pull off something non-traditional without being kitschy. The purses are cute and offer your maids a place to stash a small emergency kit. With a band aid, nail file, antacids, mints and blotting papers on hand no mini-emergency will cramp your style.

Consider fully covered sequin table cloths at the reception hall.  Specifically in an eggshell or cream color for a modern choice. This look would appear elegant and quite dazzling on a smaller scale at a more intimate reception. For larger receptions you could always use sequined runners over top of simple solid colored cloths. Or you could also choose to use a sequin tablecloth at only the cake table. Something to draw even more of their attention to your undoubtedly gorgeous cake!

Speaking of the cake table recently we’ve even seen where bakers have purchased sheets of cotton with sequins sewn on and draped them over wedding cakes. We’ve also seen where they are pulled tight against the cake so that it appears as though the cake itself is made of sequins. Before it is cut, the caterer simply pulls the fabric off. It’s very easy and very eye catching.

However you decide to use sequins at your event, make sure it’s catered to your taste and style.