Bridal Hair Mistakes

Having gorgeous wedding hair isn’t as simple as it may seem. There are so many factors to consider and decisions to make.  Here are some common mistakes that brides make with their wedding day hairstyles and what to do instead.

Not Factoring In the Veil – The veil or headpiece the bride is wearing really has a lot to do with the overall look of the bride.  If the veil or headpiece has not arrived by the time of the hair trial, the bridal salon may have a sample available for loan.  Pictures will do in a pinch but the stylist really needs to know what they will be using on the big day.  For brides who are doing their own hair, it is important to practice with the veil or headpiece as well.

Cutting It Close – Brides should not cut their hair too close to the wedding.  It brings the risk of having sections that are too short and no time to explore options like extensions if the bride is not happy with the results of her cut.  Brides should aim to have their last haircut a month or even two months before the big day.

Settling For Short – Brides with short hair or an overzealous hair stylist who doesn’t understand “I just want a trim” too close to the big day do have options.  Extensions have come a long way from tracks of hair being sewn or glued into braids on the brides head.  There are lots of options now for longer, fuller wedding hair.  Extensions using fusion are pricy but have gorgeous long lasting results.  Pieces are used under the hair when styled to add the illusion of thickness and height. Brides should discuss all options with their hairstylist if they would like longer or thicker hair for their wedding day.

Using the Regular Stylist – Many women have found a hairstylist they absolutely love.  This may not be the right person to do their wedding day hairstyle.  If the bride’s hairstylist is not experienced with doing bridal hairstyles, the bride should ask them for recommendations to someone who is more experienced.  This will probably be the day the bride is most photographed in her lifetime.  She will want a hairstyle she absolutely loves.

Coloring the Bride’s Hair – Changing a hair color too close to the wedding day is not always a good idea.  A bride should leave herself at least two weeks for color correction in case she doesn’t absolutely love her new color.  When in doubt, talk to the stylist before she gets out her color bowl, about how long will be needed to correct the bride back to her current color in case she isn’t in love with the new color.

Only Giving One Style a Try – Make sure to schedule time in the hair trial for a few different styles. Even if the bride knows what she wants there are probably a few little variations that will give the bride’s overall look a facelift.  Every bride should let the stylist try two or three ways of doing the style they want for their wedding day before choosing.

Forgetting Touch Ups – It probably isn’t in the budget of most brides to have the hair stylist stick around to do touch ups for the reception. Any hairstylist can give tips for how to touch up the style they have created or how to do a simple change for the reception.

Choosing Hair Before the Gown – Certain styles just won’t flow with certain gowns.  Be sure to choose the gown and headpieces before choosing a wedding day hairstyle.

Forgetting the Groom’s Hair – The groom will need a haircut a few days before the wedding day to ensure he looks his best.

Following these simple rules can help any bride feel her best about her hair on the wedding day.