Trend: Balloons

Balloons are a fantastically favored wedding day accessory!  They are festive, whimsical, and incredibly simple.  It is compelling to see the many creative ways couples utilize them in their wedding day decor.

wedding ideas and inspiration using balloons

Balloons effortlessly add a little something to photographs, whether you pose with a bunch of charming red hearts or large modern round ones.  Likewise, ceremonies and receptions can be instantly transformed with the addition of cheery pops of color.  And we especially love inventive uses for balloons like creating a photo chandelier of sorts or assigning table numbers for guests.  Do you love this wedding trend as much as we do?  Get more inspiration on Pinterest!

Pretty pictures:  Couple with heart balloons  |  Balloon photo chandelier  |  Balloon table assignments  |  Reception decor  |  Modern ceremony balloon decor  |  Balloon send off

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