Hats Off (er, On) to the Fellas

groom trends logo Why should the gals get to have all the fun accessories?!  Guys, top off your wedding day attire with a snazzy hat.  Check out these grooms donning their dapper head wear and get inspired.

groom hat trends - retro style

This retro felted trilby (type of fedora) is a popular choice, classic and Mad Men-esque.  Photograph by Stephanie Williams.

groom hat trends - vintage style felt

Similar to a Bavarian styled cap, this plaid hat would suit a vintage wedding well.

groom hat trends - straw hat with band

A straw boater hat is the perfect accessory for a summery seersucker suit.

groom hat trends - stetson cowboy

A real cowboy wouldn’t dare wed without his Stetson.  Photograph by Abi Martin.

groom hat trends - top hat

An Alice in Wonderland themed wedding would not be complete without a top hat.

groom hat trends - funky hat

If sporting a cap all day isn’t for you, at least get silly in the photo booth with a funky hat.  Photograph by One Love Photo.

Cock your hats — angles are attitudes.  – Frank Sinatra

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