Wedding Binder Breakdown

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Oh, the “binder…”  It can be a best friend or a worst enemy, depending on who you are and to whom it belongs.  Well, this gal just happens to love hers, especially since it got an upgrade.  Yes, that’s right.  The first was a loose mess, unable to shut, so I traded it in for a deluxe model.  I honestly didn’t give the whole idea enough credit to begin with and now it’s the only thing keeping me remotely organized, so long as I keep it organized, that is.  Lesson Learned #22 — Get organized and stay that way!

Do you have to have a binder?  No.  Would one make you happy and keep you sane?  Yes.

wedding planning binder

I can be a bit sporadic with my note taking, jotting down a song I hear at work or in the car, drawing ideas on my to-do lists.  I bought additional pockets to keep in my binder; they’re perfect solutions for oddball scribbles, swatches, and receipts.

wedding planning binder tabs and inspiration

I made tabs for just about everything.  Not only do I keep up with the important paper work, but I also stash neat ideas torn from the pages of some of my favorite wedding magazines.

wedding planning binder tips

Cheat sheets, organizational ideas, project inspiration, and even bridal beauty tips all have a home in this binder of mine.

wedding planning binder contact sheet

Most importantly, I have a small pocket at the very forefront to store my “must do right now” notes, along with my weekly to-do lists.  I also recently created a contact list to keep every important name and number handy.  Lesson Learned #23 — Sure, I have my besties on speed dial, but do you know how many times I’ve Googled my caterer?!  I even have a second copy, ready for whoever winds up helping us out on our big day.

Add a Wedding Contacts list to your own binder!  The wedding party, venue, services, and rentals should all have their spot on the list, along with additional room for notes and whatnot.  Happy organizing!

For sneak peeks and project photos, check out my Pinterest board.  (I have a few secret projects up my sleeve right now, but I’ll try to post some new photos soon!)

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