Spice Up Your Ceremony With Red Wedding Invitations

Want to give your wedding invitations a dash of fire? For a truly memorable invite, try attention-grabbing red. Fresh, modern, and daring, red makes a statement that your wedding will be an event to remember. You can’t help but have fun with red invitations, whether you’re favoring candy apple, fire engine, crimson, or paprika shades.

For a simple, standout kick, go with red envelopes for your wedding invitations. Eye-catching red envelopes let your invitees know they’re in for something special.

If you’re considering two-layer wedding invitations, red looks great as a background to white or light blue. A red background will make sure your wedding invitation stands out, whether it’s in a keepsake album or stuck to the fridge as a reminder to your guests of the upcoming date.

Don’t want to commit to full-on bright red on your wedding invitations? You can still add a little extra kick of red with a crimson ribbon tied in a bow around a jacket wedding invitation. Beribboned wedding invitations offer the feel of a gift, and one that guests should be honored to receive as they’re invited to be a part of one of the most important days of your life.

Want just that extra touch of red? Try a red monogram on your invitation, or a sweet red pressed flower in the center of your invitation. Pressed red daisies or hydrangeas add an unexpected dash of prettiness and thrilling color to your wedding invitations. See what red can do for you!