Wedding Reception Questions – Part 2

– Can I use my own decorations? If not are the decorations included in the rental fee? What options do I have for using the sites decorations? Can I choose from different colors and styles? If I can decorate myself can I have access to the facilities before the wedding? When and for how long? Can I have friends decorate for me instead?

– Is the facility equipped to handle all weather situations? If I am using outdoor facilities will you provide tents in case of rain? Is there adequate air conditioning for warm weather? (This can be important for barn style weddings in summer.) Is there adequate heating in case of cold weather? (This is particularly important for loft weddings held in cooler months.)

– Is it mandatory to use your caterer? Can I bring in my own caterer? Do you use an in house caterer or do you have a list of preferred caterers for me to use to select one? Do you offer menu tastings of your different menu options?

– Is your facility insured? What does the insurance cover? Will my deposits be refunded if something happens to the facility in advance of the wedding? Will you attempt to relocate y reception if you cannot accommodate us for any reason?

– Does the site have kitchen facilities for my caterer to use? What are the fees and requirements for using these facilities? What appliances are available? Can my caterer inspect the facilities in advance?

– Can the site be used for the ceremony? (If you haven’t chosen a site for your ceremony having both the ceremony and the reception at the same location can save you time and money. Many of your vendors like your photographer will charge you for travel time and transporting their equipment. Renting one location will eliminate these costs. Also, if you have many guests from out of town this can eliminate the confusion of extra travel for them as well.)

– Is there a dance floor adequate for all of my guests?

– Is there an area for both a DJ and a band or am I limited to one or the other? Can my entertainment review the facilities before the event?

– Are there any required services that impose additional charges? (The facility may charge for security, parking attendants, bar service, a coat check and other services. Some facilities require you purchase their services especially if your wedding reception will be hosting a certain minimum of guests.)

– Do you offer a written contract? Will it name the room I have reserved and all the charges and details? (Be sure to review your contract thoroughly and if you negotiate any “extras” be sure the reception site adds them to the written contract. Make sure all the fees, overtime charges and any addition requirements or possible charges are included in the contract.)


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