Wedding Reception Questions – Part 1

Chances are the reception sites that you are considering handle dozens, if not hundreds, of weddings each and every year. This means that they are well versed in all of the nuances and details of a wedding celebration. They know to plan for things you may not even have considered. This can also mean that they are so used to the wedding reception contract that it may simply slip their minds to mention all the little costs that are associated with holding your wedding reception at their site.

Because all of these little costs will be highlighted in the contract be sure to read your contract thoroughly and retain a copy for your records. Most reception sites will not refund deposits in most circumstances so once you are booked you are at least out a deposit if you change your mind. This tends to make using the reception site you booked your cheapest option despite any additional fees you weren’t aware would be charged.

Here is a basic list of questions to ask when considering sites for your wedding reception.

– What is the base fee for renting the reception area? What exactly does it include?

– Does the rental fee include access to the grounds for pictures or will that be an additional fee?

– What is the maximum attendance the room or area can handle? Ask this question specific to your type of event. The maximum capacity of a reception hall will change depending on how you need the room to be furnished. Putting out tables for a sit down dinner will lower the maximum capacity more than just a few tables for a cocktails and hor d’ oeuvres reception will lower it.

– Will my wedding be the only wedding on the site on that day? If there is another event how will my guests be directed to the appropriate areas of the site? What measures are taken to ensure the privacy of my party?

– How many hours will we have the space? Are their charges for overtime? What are the charges? Can I extend the length of my party on the day of the reception if things are going well? What will be the fees?

– Are there any times the reception site is not available as a rule? Are there cheaper fees on certain days of the week?

– Does the reception site have a sound system built in to the party area? Is there a fee or regulations to use it? Is there a piano on site? Is it available for use? Can I use the sound system to DJ myself with an iPod? Is there a microphone available for my use?

– Are there any regulations concerning my band or DJ? Am I limited to a certain number of musicians? Do I have to avoid any types of music? (some religious venues have regulations regarding the content of the music that can be played. Usually a DJ that plays radio edits will suffice if you tell them to keep it clean.)

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