Wedding on a Budget Mishaps – How to Choose Where NOT to Cut Corners

A simple search of the internet will yield hundreds of articles telling you how to cut corners and be creative to save money on your wedding budget.  From using silk flowers and making your own bouquets to choosing a time of day and year that isn’t in high demand, many of them are great ideas.  It is possible to cut costs on nearly everything involved in planning a wedding. However, keep in mind there may be some things that you really do not want to compromise and others that may be perceived as tacky if you get too creative.

The Cake – Using a styrofoam cake with a single layer of real cake for pictures and serving cut up sheet cake to your guests is a common way to cut costs.  A common mistake; however, is choosing a common grocery store sheet cake.  Your guests will be able to tell the difference.  Most will not mind if they can see you are cutting costs all around.  You will need to choose a sheet cake from the same bakery or go with the full wedding cake, however, if you are importing your favorite flowers in the off season or hiring a string quartet for your reception.

The Photographer – Photography for a wedding can be a very expensive part of any wedding budget no matter how frugal.  You really do pay quite a bit for professional work.  Still, you will want to resist the urge to have Uncle Billy and your cousins armed with cameras for your official photos.  Photographs are one of the most lasting reminders of your wedding.  Candid shots taken by family members can be some of the best, but you will probably want professional photos of at least the main events.  Hiring a photographer for just group and a few ceremony shots can actually be less expensive than hiring them for the whole day. Just ask your photographer about such options.  Find one that is flexible and who makes you feel comfortable.  Chances are many will be glad to have part of their day’s schedule cleared and will offer a discount.

The Entertainment – Music will be a large part of your reception.  You want a DJ who will also serve as a Master of Ceremonies and make announcements and such.  Although the kids at the local college with equipment may be much cheaper, you want someone who can handle the job at hand smoothly.   Your guests will not forget how confused they were when it was time to do certain things or how the DJ switched from smooth jazz to heavy metal from one song to the next.  However, if the local college kids come with glowing recommendations or you have seen them work and were happy with it, by all means support their efforts and save yourself a few bucks.  If you decide to use an mp3 player and do the music yourself make sure the reception site has a sound system you can plug into or you can get access to test your speakers and setup ahead of time.  Having someone besides the couple in charge of switching out songs for special dances or swapping play lists is also a good idea.

The Guest List – The number of guests you entertain plays a huge role in the cost of your wedding.  When writing out your wedding invitations make sure to check your list over a few times.  It can be tempting to start cutting people.  Make sure you follow all rules of etiquette in doing so.

Cutting costs is important for big events these days.  Just be careful where you cut them and your wedding can still be a huge success regardless of the price tag.  Choose carefully where you want to cut costs and how much you really want to do yourself.  Sure you can make your bouquets and invitations and do your own hair makeup and music, but will you really have the time and energy with everything else you have to do?

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