Wedding Reception Questions – Part 3

– What deposit do I need to make to reserve the date? When must I have the fees paid in full? Under what circumstances will I receive a refund? If I cancel my reservation and you rebook the date will I receive a full refund?

– Is there parking available for all of my guests? Are there additional fees for the parking? (This is a good place to negotiate. In today’s economy many reception sites will be willing to waive things like parking fees in order to ensure you book your event. Try to get some of these fees limited or waived altogether.)

– Is there an area for the bridal party to change into more comfortable clothing? Will we be able to store the wedding attire there safely until the end of the wedding reception? Is there a room for the bridal party to gather as they arrive before they are announced?

– Where will my guests await the arrival of the wedding party? Can hors d’ oeuvres and drinks be served there? Can my DJ or band perform before the arrival of the bridal party?

– Where will the receiving line be? How will guests be directed through the receiving line?

– What is the name of the banquet manager? Will he or she be on hand that day? If not, who will be in charge? Who should I speak with if there is a problem? Can I meet them in advance of the reception?

– What security deposit is required against possible damages? When can I expect a refund of the security deposit?

– Are tables and chairs provided? Are place settings provided? Is there an additional fee for tables, chairs or place settings?

– Can you provide a floor plan so I can sketch seating arrangements? What are my options for seating the bridal party? Do you have a table for my guest book and escort cards? Can you display menu cards at each table?

– Are table skirts and chair covers available? If they are what are my color and style options? Is there an additional charge for these items?

– What are the main colors of the area of the facility I will be using? What are the limitations to decorating if there are any?

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions of your reception site and all of your vendors. Your vendors should be comfortable answering any questions you may have. Take notes and compare your options. Sometimes the lowest price isn’t the best option if it doesn’t include all the extras another site can provide. Make sure all the details are included in the contract. If some details that are important to you are not included in the contract ask for them to be put in writing whether they are considered standard or not. This will give you recourse with the site and your insurance if something doesn’t happen as planned or promised.


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