Tips for a Successful Beach Wedding – Part 4

Beach wedding music and dancing– Most musicians and DJ s will need access to a power source so you will need a place that can provide that nearby as well as some heavy duty, outdoor extension cords. Don’t forget to use loosely filed sand bags or something else to weight down the cord along the beach. Marking the place where the cord is with neon or glow in the dark item is also a good idea to avoid injury. Live musicians may seem like the obvious answer, but some instruments can be damaged by the sand, so be sure to specify that you are having a beach wedding when shopping for musicians. Renting a dance floor will probably be your best bet for music and dancing. This provides a flat surface for equipment and a place for your guest t dance where they are less likely to trip because of dip in the sand. It won’t help Uncle Harry from stumbling around after a few too many drinks but it can prevent accidental injury. Rental dance floors are available in lots of size to meet a variety of budgets. They can help you create your own little wedding oasis in the middle of the beach. Dance floors are also a great place to have your ceremony and then you can whisk away the chairs and get ready for dancing.

Be prepared for bad weather– As with any outdoor wedding, expect the unexpected. You can never predict what Mother Nature will throw at you. Wind and rain are two common problems with beach weddings. Be prepared with tent, preferably with wall, or an alternate location. Rain on the beach an often be intensified because of its proximity to the ocean.

Remember– You always want to check with the city the beach is in about regulations. Some cities and park services will restrict activities on beaches to limit our environmental impact and preserve the beaches for years to come. Make sure you find out who is in charge of the beach you wish to use and clear everything with them. Get a list of prohibited activities and be sure to avoid them if you don’t want a patrol officer or park ranger becoming a very unwelcome guest at your wedding.

Lastly, you can have one part of your wedding on the beach, just the reception or ceremony, and have the other part at a nearby venue. This will allow you to include things a beach wedding won’t allow. For example if you are set on a huge dress with a cathedral train, consider having your ceremony at a nearby ballroom or church and then taking the party to the beach.

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