Creative DIY Wedding Extras – Part 1

Personalization is growing more and more popular for weddings. Brides are always looking for creative touches to make their special day stand out. Here are some great ideas for those fun touches that your guest will remember. The best part is you can make them yourself.

Song request cards– Place a few cards at each table for your guests to use to request songs from your DJ. Print cards with lines on light colored paper and glue them onto card stock in your wedding colors. You can put just lines labeled title and artist, print the words “song request card”, or a cute saying like “Hey Mister Dee Jay, Play My Favorite Song” or “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” . Embellish the cards with ribbon, bows or jewels for an extra sparkle. The beauty of making them yourself is no two have to be exactly the same and you can play around with as many ideas as you would like.

“I Spy” photo cards– Make lists of different shots you would like your guests to try to take and include a website or photo site account. Ask guests to upload the photos they get to the account. Place instructions or a fun poem at the top of the card asking guests to get shots your photographer may have missed. Some ideas for photo categories:

  • A picture of everyone at your table
  • A picture of the groom smiling at the bride
  • The cutest smile from a child
  • A shot of the yummy food
  • A bridesmaid dancing
  • Children dancing
  • Your favorite decoration
  • A funny picture with your favor
  • A shot of the prettiest shoes at the wedding
  • A shot of as many generations as you can find from the bride or groom’s family
  • Shots of kisses
  • Pictures of hand holdin
  •  The bride or groom talking to a guest
  • A picture of guests line dancing

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