Overcoming Wedding Stress – Part 1

Planning a wedding can be pretty stressful. Most of us have limited time in our already busy schedules and limited funds to spend on a wedding. Often times the stress of the wedding makes an impact on our relationships with our family and friends. When these relationships are already complicated or strained, this can be almost more than any bride could take. Here are a few common woes that stress out brides and some ways to diffuse the situations.

My mother/ future mother in law/ sister/ aunt (fill in whatever fits here!) can’t stand a choice I am making and is making her opinion well known. Everyone has an opinion on everything, and everyone seems to forget how to keep it to themselves when it comes to weddings. Even worse some people not only express their opinion once, but do so repeatedly and criticize the choices you have made that don’t fit their opinions. You could probably go on for days naming the things that inspire these disagreements and how to solve them. The best all encompassing rule of thumb is to remember this. It is your wedding. If you want to do something do it. If you want to invite someone, invite them. You can’t control the actions of others but your wedding day belongs to you and your future spouse and should reflect the two of you as a couple from the décor to the attire to the guest list. Don’t do anything to be bad hosts or anything that would make your guests uncomfortable. You can’t insist your guests come in costume for your pirate themed wedding, but you can have you and your fiancee dress the part no matter who thinks ill of the idea. If your parents are helping pay for the wedding then you do need to bow to their wishes some, but only you can decide where control becomes more important then money, and if you can afford to do it your way.

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