Tips for a Successful Beach Wedding – Part 3

Beach wedding seating– Hopefully you chose a nice, fairly level spot for your ceremony. You want to be sure the chair you use won’t sink too far into the sand o be sure to rent your chairs from a place that specializes in beach and outdoor wedding rentals. As with all of your rentals, you want to specify that they will be used on the beach before you sign a rental contract. Sand really does get everywhere and if you don’t tell your vendors in advance where you will be using their item you may get stuck with unexpected damage costs to pay for upon returning your rented item.

Beach wedding makeup– Most times you want to avoid products that contain sunscreen at your wedding. They can reflect light badly in photograph. The exception to this rule is daytime outdoor weddings where safety outweighs fashion. If you must avoid sunscreen for the ceremony, be sure to have some on hand for after wards. You want to use light make- up. Use a powdered foundation in lieu of a cream one. Loose powder is your best bet. Keep in mind you will be sweating especially if your wedding is a daytime one. Have one of your attendants hold on to some emergency make- up supplies and makeup remover wipes just in case you need them. Opting to go without makeup is also an option. Drink lots of water and eat healthily in the weeks and months preceding your wedding for your clearest complexion and a natural glow. You should always use waterproof make- up at your wedding because sweat and tears can wreak havoc on make- up. A beach wedding is no exception; in fact it may be even more important to follow that rule at your beach wedding. Splurge for long lasting waterproof make- up. Take pictures in your makeup in all the different conditions you may experience on your wedding day a few weeks in advance. Take pictures a few minutes after you put it on and throughout the day to see how your wedding make- up will hold up to the stress of your wedding day. If all else fails keep those make- up remover wipe handy for when the party starts!

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