Tips for a Successful Beach Wedding – Part 2

Beach wedding attire– If you want a huge detailed dress with a long train a beach wedding isn’t for you. We all know sand gets everywhere when we are on vacation. We have all asked ourselves “How did sand get there?” on the way home from the beach. A dress that doesn’t touch the floor such as a tea length dress is your best option. High heels probably won’t be ideal for walking across the sand either. Consider decorating flip flops in your wedding colors for you and your bridal party or choosing flats for everyone. Barefoot with ankle bracelets can be a beautiful option, but remember that sand can stay hot for awhile even after the sun goes down. Allow your guest to dress comfortable as well. Shorts, loose clothing is perfectly acceptable. Consider a wide brimmed sun hat with or without an attached veil in lieu of a traditional wedding veil. It will help keep the sun out of your eyes and look wonderful in a beach setting. Light weight fabrics are your best bet for a beach wedding. Avoid heavy satin and dresses with a lot of layers. Linen suits are a great option for the guys and they can also be paired with sandals or flip flops. You can even buy sandals that will leave the words bride or groom as an imprint in the sand and make them unique with some embellishments from your local craft store.

Beach wedding food– Finger foods rule the day. Lots of hors d’ oeurves will make for a great way to feed your guest because they are light. An evening beach reception can include meats cooked over a fire pit followed by s’mores. A BBQ is also a great beach reception idea when it comes to feeding your guests. Keep the fun, light hearted atmosphere going with a few specialty cocktails that look as good as they taste. Use the beach side party area of a nearby resort to save yourself the trouble of setting out tables and keeping food fresh. Some resorts even have waterside service where tables are set and anchored into the water depending on the tide level.



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