Summer Wedding 2011 – Wedding Photography & Ceremony Trends

Wedding Photography

Candid shots seem to be here to stay.  More and more brides are opting for a photo-journalistic approach to their wedding photography as opposed to formal, posed shots.  Props, unique scenery and creative posing are also a trend.  It seems the days of formal positioning and set groups in shots are a thing of the past, at least for now.

Wedding Ceremony

It is becoming very popular for the groom to walk down the aisle as well, rather than just waiting at the front of the church.  The bride is always last down the aisle often accompanied by her father or a close male relative and is immediately preceded by her attendants.  Before that the groom may accompany his mother down the aisle, and the other parents may also be accompanied by siblings of the couple or ushers.  This is especially nice if the parents are hosting the wedding.

Photographs of the couple with matting, metal or glass surrounding them have started to replace traditional guest books.  The metal and glass frames are signed with an etching pen by guests creating a beautiful keepsake for the bride and groom to display in their home.

Another trendy option for a guest book is to have guests sign a scroll that the couple later has framed or placed in a personalized scroll tube for preservation.

Churches and traditional wedding ceremony locations will remain big, and outdoor wedding venues are all the rage once again.  With the Eco wedding trend in full swing, tea gardens, parks and the grounds of relatives’ houses are popular wedding venues.