Tips to Fit the Dress Last Minute

It is possible to gain 3 pounds overnight from a slight change in eating habits and stress levels. Add that to the fact that many women have a body weight that fluctuates slightly to start and it would be fair for any bride to be nervous about fitting perfectly into her dress after the last fitting. Here are a few tips to make sure the dress fits like a dream.

Keep the healthy habits- The healthy habits brides start to get in shape for the wedding are often left by the wayside as the big day approaches.  Make a conscious effort to maintain those habits as the last minute stress mounts and the schedules get hectic.

Drink lots of water- Water and herbal teas will help flush the bride’s system.  Beverages with caffeine will act as a diuretic, but mind the amounts and the calories.

Eat those veggies- Vegetables are a filling, healthy snack and some, like eggplant, will act as a diuretic. Fill the plate with mostly vegetables to feel full and avoid packing on any last minute pounds or inches.

Eat in small amounts- Grazing throughout the day can stave off hunger and stop the bride from stress induced binge eating.

Make time for the workout- The last days before the wedding may seem to be scheduled to the very last second.  Be sure to fit a regular workout into the schedule. It will help maintain weight and reduce stress.

Take time to breath- Set aside multiple 15 minute breaks to relax each day.  Don’t do anything wedding related.  Stress can cause your body to hold onto fat and water.

Break a sweat for 15- Take 15 minutes to take a run, do some jumping jacks or just dance like a maniac in the living room.  Breaking a sweat with some cardio can recharge energy and get the blood flowing.  This will reduce stress and keep metabolism going.

Say no to sugar- Nothing packs on the pounds quite like sugar.  Substitute sugary snacks with fruit or vegetables. Switch out ice cream for Greek yogurt with a little bit of fruit or honey.  This will be filling without all the sugary calories which can quickly add pounds, especially when combined with stress.

Pass on the salt- Water retention is a huge cause of weight gain.  Salt, or sodium, contributes to water retention.  Keep the salty snacks to a minimum and pass on any added salt at meal time.

Following these simple tips in the weeks leading to the wedding will help ensure that the wedding dress fits perfectly.

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