Who Gets a Gift – Part 2

Grandparents and Other Close Relatives: Some couple’s will also gift their grandparents.  If a set of grandparents is living and still married, they may be given the bouquet and garter as a testament to the couple’s desire to remain married as happily and as long as they have.  Photo albums are also a nice choice here.  These gifts are usually something sentimental and personal to the couple and their grandparents.

Every Guest:
Of course there will be favors for all the guests to choose! Traditional favors may include candy in favor boxes like these personalized favor boxes. Custom match books are popular favors.  Favors customized to the theme of the wedding are also very popular.  Consider these customizable playing cards for a casino wedding or customized jar candles for a wedding with a romantic feel.

Out of Town Guests: Making a gift bag for out of town guests at your wedding is a beautiful gesture that lets them know you appreciate them making the trip. A simple gift bag filled with little conveniences like maps and little scented soaps will be appreciated by your guests.  You can also include an itinerary and lists of places to go and see during the downtime.  Some meal location suggestions would be nice as well.  See if you can get some coupons from the local tourism center to include in the bags as well.  Larger bags like a tote bag can include things like flip flops, a towel and a disposable camera for your wedding guests from out of town.

Anyone Who Played the Role of a Vendor:  Today’s bride is a lot more budget conscious then in years past.  Friends are being asked to play DJ with mp3 players and aunts are being asked to make wedding desserts.  Some brides are even lucky enough to have a seamstress in the family to make their custom wedding dress.  It is important to thank these people for making your special day possible and affordable.  The friend who plays DJ may like a gift card to a music store.  The aunt who made the cake may like some new bakeware or a gift card to a craft store.

Small tokens may not seem like much but they go a long way in making people feel appreciated. It is important to remember to thank the people who are a part of a wedding.  It is a lot of work and anyone who is nice enough to help when it isn’t their wedding deserves a little something extra. Gifting the people who helped raise the man or woman who is perfect for you is a nice gesture as well.

For more advice and ideas of who you should be gifting among your family and friends, look for the first installment, Who Gets a Gift

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