Style: Baroque Chic

The grandeur of the Baroque period is made evident in the exquisite detailing of artwork and the ornamentation of architecture produced in the 17th century.  Similar attention to detail can be found today in haute couture fashion, but the look is not only reserved for those without a budget.  By introducing cleaner pieces with only a few extravagant splurges, you can put an affordable modern twist on a 400 year old style for a Baroque Chic approach that is still fit for a queen.

style: baroque chic inspiration board

Style Tip:  Find small ornamental frames at local thrift shops, spray paint them to match, and display table numbers or menu selections in them.

Check out our Josie wedding invitations, Victoria Pocket invitations, and Damask invitations, any of which would coordinate wonderfully with this ornamental style.

Want more inspiration?  There’s more on Pinterest!

Images: Ghost chairs (, Prada Baroque Minimal sunglasses (, Diamond earrings (, Feathery wedding shoes (, Rhinestone headband (, Couple behind frames & Damask cake (, Small frames hanging, Billowy dress (, Vintage rhinestone necklace (etsy), Baroque adorned table

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