Easy and Time Efficient Ways to Save Money on the Wedding

Not all brides have all the time in the world to search for deals and conquer lots of do it yourself projects to save money, but most brides are still on a limited budget.  The days where parents completely paid for weddings and women had hours upon hours to compare linen samples are gone.  These brides have been replaced by women with full schedules.  Full time jobs, schooling and children can be difficult to juggle without the pressures of wedding planning. Here are some time efficient ways to save money that don’t require too much effort.

Sign Up for Promotions

Take a few minutes and create an email account to be used for all things wedding.  It can be used in conjunction with a wedding website to help guests communicate any questions about the wedding.  It can be used to sign up for wedding promotions at local stores and online websites as well as signing up for forums.  A special email account makes it easy to log into one place and deal with all things wedding.  It also makes it easy to avoid all the information when a break is needed to maintain sanity.

Use Forums

Many brides spend hours on forums posting reviews and discounts for other brides.  Find a local bridal forum and take advantage of all their hard work.  It is also a great place to post questions about a vendor being considered and get some feedback.

Visit Bridal Expos

This may not seem time efficient on the surface, and it does indeed take an entire morning or afternoon.  Bridal expo vendors have lots of great deals they put together for these expos.  Many will also be displaying and offering samples of their work.  Imagine being able to taste cakes from 5 different bakeries all in one place in one morning? Seeing albums and samples from a few different florists while browsing tables of bridal accessories and entering lots of giveaways, can be a great use of time.

Hire a Planner

A planner often seems like an extra expense. Wedding planners often have deals worked out with vendors for bringing them clients and a good one can save you money. Beware of a planner that tries to push you away from vendors you want without offering considerable savings as they may just be trying to make their fee.  The amount of stress and time saved alone can be worth the money spent on a wedding coordinator and many can save a couple nearly enough money to pay for themselves.

Buy Used

Post pictures of what you want on bridal forums and see if a recent bride has anything they can offer.  Use online auction sites. Visit formal wear consignment shops, the money that can be saved at these shops just on accessories and shoes and such can total in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars as they offer new and slightly used merchandise for a fraction of the original prices. Thrift stores and yard sales can be a great place to find jars and vases for the reception.  Surfing these sites can be done in a few spare minutes as it is available and these stores may be places a couple goes to or passes all the time anyway.

Every wedding has a budget.  Whether the budget is $5000 or $50, why not make the most of every dollar?

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