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Hello, hello.  Yes, it’s Tuesday.  Yes, Handmade articles are usually on Thursdays.  We’ve done a little rearranging due to the holiday and we’re taking the opportunity to introduce a brand new feature.  We have been sharing two Handmade articles per month — we will still have two, but one is getting a little more personal.  The fourth Thursday of each month will now be home to Handmade Bride!

As some of you have probably caught on, my fella, Matt, proposed in September and we are just now getting our feet wet in this wedding planning business.  Being a crafty girl (and a thrifty bride), I am taking on the challenge of designing a DIY wedding with gusto!

You would think that having worked for a wedding invitation company for three years would somehow make me more knowledgeable about this stuff, but I fully understand now why so many brides often say to us “I’ve never done this before.”  Exactly!  From the very get-go, engaged life becomes an excited whirlwind of ideas and decisions.  This is why Matt and I took a couple of months to enjoy the moment before getting down to the nitty gritty.

We eased into planning with a few conversations about our individual ideas, finding that we happily agreed on most.  We made a very rough guest list and then we started looking for a venue.  That part was pretty easy, though we almost ran into a little snag with dates we wanted not being available.  Lucky for us, one of the days opened up and we quickly secured it.  Lesson Learned #1 — Your decisions are going to be heavily influenced and hurried by the actions of other brides/grooms.

We will have our wedding and reception at the same location and both will be outdoors.  This means we need to have a tent in case of rain.  We’re working on picking out just the right rental company to go with to get the most bang for our buck.  Lesson Learned #2 — Weddings can get a bit pricey in the least expected ways.  Did I mention we’re trying to do this with a moderately low budget?

Money.  Lesson Learned #3 –There is probably no conversation to be had that is as uncomfortable than that of which involves money.  It is, however, a necessity.  Fortunately, both of us are blessed with families who want to help and we are also both working to fund our big day.

That should pretty much catch you up to speed.  We’ve got a running list of to-do’s and our calendars are filling up with meetings!  I am thrilled about the months ahead (oh, yeh, the wedding is next September) and hope to share the ins and outs of planning, along with some handy how-to’s, through Handmade Bride.  I also look forward to hearing advice from any of you ladies that have “Been there, done that!” and stories from those of you who are excited to plan your own wedding!

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