Snack Mix Buffet – Part 1

Candy buffets have been popular for some time now. And while they have certainly not worn out there welcome, there is a new “treat buffet” making it’s debut at parties and receptions alike.

This new do it yourself treat bar is the snack mix bar. You may think at first that this sounds like a silly idea but just think of all the possibilities!

Maybe you don’t think that it would be pretty or formal enough for a wedding reception in which case you could easily set one up at your engagement party or rehearsal dinner as a way for guests to mingle and interact.

If you do choose to have this buffet at your wedding, you wouldn’t always have to use it in lieu of favors. It could just be a nice addition to the end of the night festivities. Who wouldn’t like a nice late night snack? Instead of tempting your guests with just sweets why not tempt them with every treat (good and bad) imaginable? Only your imagination can stop you from dreaming up different snacks to display at your table.

Of course you do not have to avoid using candies. Candy coated chocolates and peanut butter are great options along with anything else that can be candy or chocolate coated such as: pretzels, raisins, and peanuts etc.

Play around with flavors, choose ones that contrast and compliment. You’ll want to pick more options for your snack mix buffet than you would for a candy buffet because half the allure of the snack mix is having things mixed in together.

We won’t even try to talk weight with these items because a pound of popcorn is obviously way more than say a pound of candy covered peanuts. It’s easier to say that you would want a large amount of “base” for your mix. Suggestions of a base would be different types of cereal from multigrain or rice squares to puffed corn or rice. You could even cheat a little by going out and buying a few of the pre-made mixes as a filler. (We won’t tell.) What we are considering a large amount can vary based upon how many guests you are expecting. Four to six boxes of cereal would be an appropriate amount for around a hundred guests.

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