How Much Will It Cost to Mail My Wedding Invitation?

With the recent USPS postage rate increase, we’ve been getting quite a few questions from brides trying to determine how to calculate wedding invitation postage.

Determining postage for your wedding invitations is a bit tricky. Wedding invitations can vary widely with different weights and sizes of papers used. This means that each wedding invitation is different and unique in its final weight. Some factors that come into play include:

-Shape: If your invitation is square, you will pay a surcharge at the post office because it’s considered “non-machinable.”

-Weight: If your invitation is over 1 ounce (and most are), you will pay whatever the current rate is to mail a piece weighing between 1.0 and 2.0 ounces. Rarely do our invitations weigh more than 2.0 ounces (but it is possible, especially with pocket invitations that have lots of accessory pieces.)

-Location: Every Post Office has some discretion in determining your postage, and not every Post Office comes up with the same rate (we know from experience!) For this reason, we encourage our customers to take a completed invitation to their local Post Office for a quote and be sure to mail your invitations from the same place!

And here are a few more tips:

Rates do change from time to time, so be careful when buying postage ahead of time as the rate could change by the time your invitations are mailed out!

Also, don’t forget to apply postage to your reply cards! If you select a postcard style reply, your rate may be less expensive than with a traditional reply card and envelope.

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