Creative Ideas for Candy Bar – Part 3

Sweet memories to go
Choosing containers for your guests to use to take home their candy can be lots of fun as well. Some good choices are:

  • Decorative paper bags. Provide personalized stickers or stickers that go with your theme for guests to seal their bags.
  • Personalize or decorate takeout boxes
  • Have cellophane bags and ribbons or colorful elastic bands available for your guests to fill and take home.
  • Provide each guest with a personalized jar with a special poem on it to fill with their favorite sweets and enjoy later.
  • Colored pails decorated with ribbons that match your color scheme make a great gift for guests. It allows them to conveniently take a few tastes at the wedding reception and take the rest home to enjoy later.
  • Personalized coffee mugs make containers that will be useful to guests long after the candy is gone.

Some additional tips

  • Make sure to mention the sweets table to the parents of any young children. You don’t want them wandering over to the table unsupervised especially if the suffer from food allergies.
  • Make it all match. Make sure your containers compliment the candies you choose and the general décor of the candy bar. Just putting a bunch of candy in some containers may look tacky and cheap.

Candy bars can range from elegant to whimsical. Make yours a unique and tasty part of your wedding reception.

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