Creative Ideas for Candy Bar – Part 2

Color coordinate
Choose candies and treats that match and coordinate with your wedding colors. Some ideas include:

  • Oranges, browns and yellows- Orange slices, gummy peaches, marshmallow peanuts, peach rings, root beer barrels, tootsie rolls, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolates are some great options. Halloween is a great time to get candies in this color scheme. If you store them properly they can last a long time.
  • Reds- Cherry licorice, Boston baked beans, red hots, cinnamon discs and strawberry laces are good options. Valentine’s Day is a good time to shop for red candy.
  • Blues and greens- Blue mint discs and sour apple lollipops are great tasting options. Anything in blue raspberry, spearmint, watermelon and sour apple flavors will usually fit a blue and green color scheme.Purples and purples- Bubblegum, candy lipstick and watermelon wedge pops are great starters. Strawberry, grape and watermelon are flavors that will usually fit this color scheme.
  • Silver and gold- Wrapped toffees, chocolate coins and many chocolates are easily purchased in silver and gold foil wrappings. The holiday season is a great time to find foil wrapped candy in abundance. You can probably save some cash that way as well.
  • White and black- nonpareils, Jordan almonds and chocolates fit this wedding candy table scheme well. Compliment this choice with clear containers and silver accents for an elegant look.

Rock candy, hard candies, lollipops, jellybeans, jolly ranchers and many other options are available from bulk retailers in almost any basic color options. Choose candies for the colors of the wrappings they come in as well or make your own wrappings for your favorite sugary selections.

Go with a theme
Use your candy bar to highlight a theme or sub theme of your wedding. For example:

  • Accent your flowers. Have paper or silk flowers of the same colors and styles as the rest of your wedding flowers hanging over candy bar. Display some in vases on the table as well. Choose candies that are in coordinating colors (or that have wrappers that coordinate!) If your wedding is outdoors or in the fall try vases full of branches instead.
  • Go retro and order some of your favorite childhood candy. Candy cigarettes, necco wafers, pop rocks and fruit stripe gum are some fun options.
  • Make an old fashioned candy store display. Place large lollipops and other candies in glass jars like you would have seen in old drug stores. Elaborate on the theme with candy cigarettes and lipsticks.
  • Decorate the sweets table with pictures of you and your intended. Choose frames, mounts an containers that complement each other.
  • Serve lemonade or have a milkshake or coffee bar to accompany the sweets for a tasteful soda or coffee shop theme.
  • Celebrate the season. Use fall leaves, seashells, glass snowflakes and other seasonal décor to create an awe inspiring candy display.



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