Common Wedding Guest Complaints – Part 3

Bad Food

You certainly do not want bad food at your wedding. And you wouldn’t invite your family out to dinner at a restaurant you’ve never ate at. So make sure you do a test taste of each dish that you are selecting. Taste each side as well. Talk with your caterers about how they serve the food; is everything kept in warming trays? If it is, for how long are items placed in the tray? Discuss as well how the food is being presented, if it looks appealing visually it will probably taste better. Also be sure to work with your caterer and day of coordinator (whether hired or your friend) and make sure food is coming out at a reasonable time. Even if the food tastes great, chances are that it tastes much worse when cold!

The Dreaded Receiving Line

Is there anything worse than being crowded and on the verge of sweating while just trying to congratulate your cousin Heather on her marriage? It’s horrible and unfortunately many of us have been there. The thing is, you have so many things you are planning that the receiving just gets pushed to the side. We promise you that they can be executed in a nice and speedy manner you just need a few things. Plenty of room for the line so that your guests may quickly and politely move through is the first thing. The second is your designated parent or bridesmaid to reach their hand straight out once they see someone is lingering. This is in an effort to keep the line moving. A quick “Hello Aunt Ethel thank you for coming.” and a hug should be more than enough.

We do not guarantee that if you follow all our advice that no one will have any complaints. You can not please everyone all of the time. And hey this is your wedding so you don’t want to fret too much on what could maybe go wrong. Just keep in the back of your mind that a good hostess always wants her guests to be comfortable and have a good time.

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