Common Wedding Guest Complaints – Part 2

Waiting time.

Guests do not like to wait long periods of time nor do they enjoy traveling great distances in-between the wedding and reception venues. While we understand that you really want such and such location for the reception, before deciding on the church an hour away take your guests feelings into consideration. This goes double if the majority of your guests are from out of town or you are hosting your wedding over a holiday weekend when traffic is bound to be stressful. Most guests will not mind a small commute in between locations like say twenty minutes, or even waiting a short while for your grand entrance. Just think about how you would feel if you were asked to drive an hour from home for a wedding and then another hour further away from the ceremony to the reception?

D.J.s without cooth.

Be sure to spend a good amount of time working with your DJ. Because a very common complaint is that a lot of DJ’s (not all) do not tend to gauge well on what is appropriate dinner time music. When you are eating some calm low playing music in the background is best. The last thing you want is music so loud you can’t mingle with the other people at your table. Or worse music that is so fast you feel anxious and do not want to eat. As far as the music that is played after dinner, keep in mind that you most likely have (at least early on) guests that have widely ranging ages. While we would never tell you what music to like we will say that for the sanity of great aunt Ethel and Craig junior, try to keep it PG at least in the early evening hours.

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