Common Wedding Guest Complaints – Part 1

You want to make your wedding day a memorable time for you, your spouse, and your guests.

However, no matter your efforts there are bound to be a few complaints here and there. While you may avoid every catastrophe you could imagine in your over stressed brain, most often a guest’s complaints are small things that can easily be thwarted.

Sometimes the complaints don’t necessarily seem warranted. We know it depends on the situation and well, the griper as well. Having said that, we thought we’d give you a quick heads up on the most common guest and bridal party complaints. So you can try your best at nipping them in the bud.

Assigned seating.

Don’t get upset just yet, we know that there are certain reasons why you would want to assign seats for your guests. For instance you may end up with a lot more guests on one side than the other, so it’s possible that one side may stay exclusively to themselves.  In this case, it does make sense to try and group people together at tables. If you feel like it would make you and your guests more comfortable go for it.  However, if you have a large amount of introverts we have another suggestion. Ask a few of the more outgoing folks in your larger crowd to mingle with the smaller group. The natural social butterflies won’t feel anxious and the smaller crowd will feel more welcomed and comfortable.

Asking your friends and family that will enjoy bridging the gap is a better way than force-feeding friendships.

There are a few reasons why guests are not big fans of assigned seating. First, almost nobody likes forced socialization. Then the fact that a lot of couples have been together for quite some time, so chances are good that some of the bride’s friends have crossed paths with the groom’s, in fact they may already be friends. So sitting all of your friends apart from one another in sections like bride’s tables and groom’s tables can be frustrating for your guests. If you want assigned seating, that’s fine but you must take careful consideration when grouping people together. This isn’t a process that can be done quickly, think about their personalities and really ponder who will get along and who just simply will not.

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