Re-Using Floral Arrangements

When planning your wedding you almost immediately start off with your budget. And from your budget you make smaller individual ones to help you decide just how much money you can spend on what details. One of the most important details to many brides are the flowers. From cascading three foot arrangements to several small vases with individual blooms. In order to achieve the brides dream look several decisions must be made. Sometimes the decisions are that some things may have to be limited or sadly you may have to do without.

Luckily we have some advice for you on how you can make your floral budget stretch and with a minimal amount of headaches or hassle. That is by re-using your ceremony flowers at your reception.

Another terrific reason to go ahead and re-use your flowers is because you ceremony typically lasts around thirty minutes. And then what happens to those flowers? More than likely they are thrown out. What a waste right? ( Some churches may ask that you leave the flowers as a donation so be sure to speak with them first.)

It does need to be pointed out that if you are going to ask your florist to transport the blooms from the ceremony to the reception and create the arrangements there, you will have to pay them for such services. So you may not be saving much money at all. Chances are that you will want to ask your friends and  family to take the flowers from the ceremony and transfer and place them at the reception.

Always be sure to explain to those helping you exactly where things are to be and how they are to be set up. Going over the arrangements with them prior to the big day and or giving them a diagram to follow would be quite helpful.

Ways to re-use those blooms is simple. Simply take apart the extra large arrangements at the ceremony and turn them into smaller ones at the reception. Smaller arrangements from the ceremony such as aisle markers can double as centerpieces at the dinner tables. The petals from one or two stems off a brides-maids bouquet can be scattered about the cake table. While the throwing bouquet can lay across the cake.

Your guests will likely be impressed by your creativity and applaud your efforts at not being wasteful.


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