Wedding Dress Tips – Short Dress

Each year the wedding world has its fair share of trends. From fashion and favors to decorations and even your meals. For the year ahead, one of the biggest trends is that of the short or mini dress.

Over the past few months the short dress has made its way onto the pages of wedding magazines and blogs as well.

When done right the short dress can be a beautiful choice; however, the trend is not for everyone. You will need to make conscious decisions on how you style your wedding when choosing a short dress. As the components that go along with your style can make or break this look. With that said this updated take on your wedding gown comes with a few things to think about.


The weather and location will play a large role in this dress selection. If you live in a colder climate, it is pretty obvious that a winter wedding will not be the best time to wear a tea length or shorter wedding gown. Like, the season you will also want to think about your location, if it is an outdoor ceremony on a windy day a shorter dress may cause you some embarrassing problems.


Consider your overall wedding day style, and themes if any. If you are planning an elegant princess style wedding, wearing a shorter dress, even if covered in lots of jewels, will probably stand out like a sore thumb. Just like a typical full length gown, short gown’s come in a multitude of styles. You might select a 1950’s inspired dress that’s tea length and poofy. Or maybe an ultra slinky and daringly short flapper style gown. You will want to keep your bridal party’s look matched closely to your wedding day look.

Too many styles jumbled together can look unpolished and downright confuse guests as to who all are in the bridal party.

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