Breaking the Rule of White

Girl in white wedding dress with roses

Shhh… I’ve been contemplating whether or not I want to wear a white wedding dress.  There are probably a few mothers out there that would scoff at such a thought, but nowadays more brides are defying the traditional rule of white than ever before.

Girl in a very ornate floral wedding gown

Haute couture styles such as that of Stella de Libero aren’t exactly what I have in mind, though it is exciting to see such extravagant gowns making their way down the aisle!

We recently polled our Facebook fans to see how many dresses they (you) tried on before finding “the one” and most responses were pretty modest.  At the time, even ten seemed high, but now that I’m looking for my own dress to call “the one” I can see how difficult of a decision it is.  There are so many beautiful shapes, styles, and colors!

Vera Wang gray wedding dress

This Vera Wang dress literally made my jaw drop; even after looking at it again, I’m just in awe.  I love the colors, the shape, and even that flowered bodice.  This is where it gets confusing for me — typically, I wouldn’t go for all of those extra details, but on this dress, in this color, the extras are perfect.

Kiera Knightly in a blue tulle wedding gown

This style is completely different, but is another favorite color of mine.  (I’m not sure I could rock it like Kiera though!)  I’ve seen several gowns with this barely-there tint of color to them and it’s a trend I’m loving.  Not that my mom would mind if I didn’t wear white, but keeping the addition of color to a minimum would make the moms who do happy, I’m sure.

Champagne beaded wedding dress

I am leaning more toward cooler colors at the moment, but I have also seen some lovely champagne and blush dresses that are astonishing.

Red floral wedding gownIt seems with every magazine page I turn and website I visit, my mind changes.  I did have someone question me when I mentioned I was considering not wearing white, which made me question myself.  I thought about my best friend though, who wore a bright red dress on her wedding day.  It was unexpected and suited her perfectly — she actually doesn’t even care for the color red that much, but it was something different and exciting and she wore it beautifully!

I think of all days, a couple’s wedding day is one in which they can break a few rules if they’d like.

Are you a rule breaker?  

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