How To: Tie a Bow

Little girl tying her shoesI’ll admit that I have felt a little silly at times teaching girls in the studio how to tie a bow.  We all learned how to tie our shoelaces years ago; from there we took our bow-tying knowledge to new heights with pretty hair bows, loopy bows on dresses, and snazzily wrapped gifts.  In those respects, most of you are probably master crafters of the tying sort… but who’s ready to take on the challenge of tying dozens of beautiful bows for the bride’s biggest day?!

Whether you’re a DIY bride, the loving mom (or mom-to-be), or a patient friend — don’t fret!  We’ve got you covered.  You’ll be a “Bow-tying machine” by the time you’re done!  (Yes, we actually had a customer once ask us about our bow-tying machine!  Well, that would be me!  And now, Monica, too!)

You’ll notice in the video that I tie my bows upside down — I know it seems crazy, but it works every time.  Another trick I mentioned has to do with the left side tail; this is a very important part of the process in getting the bow to lie smooth and flat.  Once you’ve made your first loop and you’ve just about gotten the next through itself, swap the location of the left tail and the left loop by moving the tail end up and over the loop toward the front and to the top.  Both tails should now be on top (which is actually the bottom of the invitation).  This seemingly small maneuver will make your bow symmetrical and the middle knot smoother.

It may take a little practice, so don’t give up if at first you don’t succeed.   Of course, we’re here if you need a hand.

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Do you have a bow tying tip of your own?  We’d love to hear!

Image Source: tollipop

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