Wedding Reception Music Playlist and Tips – Part 1

Finally another decision has been made! This time, the music for the reception has been made or has it? Maybe you’ve decided on certain parts of the entertainment like whether you’re going with a play-list and I-pod, which really is not that uncommon and is pretty cost effective… but you still have more questions.  Here’s some tips and questions you should ask yourself

Using an I-pod and play-list can be great; however, it does bring up a lot of questions. Questions that the bride and groom are not always ready to answer. Such as:

  • Who is going to man it? You know, make sure the player is safe and hooked up properly.

  • Who will be the MC for the night? Someone has to announce all the “special dances” etc.

  • Are you going to put all the songs in the exact order that you want?

  • Do you want the chicken dance?

  • What time do will the music start?

  • How do you know what songs to play and when to play them?

  • Do you have a must play and must not play list?

  • What kind of a slow to fast ratio do you want?

And here you thought deciding on the music was easy! The only way to really tackle this is to just sit down and decide. So, we say let’s make a play list now! Ask your friends to help and make it a "music making party." 

Next we’ll look at sample play-lists.

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