Wedding Reception Music Playlist and Tips – Part 2

Here is a sample play-list we have compiled for your wedding reception music.

We tried to incorporate one or two slow songs for every six upbeat "shake it" songs. We’ve also included some "filler" music.  Anything deemed a bit more “adult” was saved for the end of the night. We tried to put the list in order so that the songs will play basically in this exact order. Of course, if you decide to do the garter toss earlier than planned on the play list, just scroll your thumb and voila!

So basically, here is a little sample including the "special songs" and a small list of some of the atypical songs. Maybe you’d like to use them at your wedding? Feel free to modify this list as much as you want. Don’t feel that this is THE wedding reception play-list that you have to use.

  • The first dance will be “I’m Yours” -Jason Mraz

  • The grand entrance song will be “I got a feeling” – The Black Eyed Peas.

  • The wedding parties grand entrance- “Friends in Low Places”- Garth Brooks

  • The Bouquet Toss will be “Single Ladies” -Beyonce

  • The Garter Toss will be “Trashy Women” – Confederate Railroad

Ok, now some of the atypical songs that you may have not thought of:

  • Here comes your man-The Pixies

  • Luna -Smashing Pumpkins

  • Love song- The Cure or 311

  • First Day of my Life- Brighteyes

  • Grow old with you- Adam Sandler

  • If I were a Carpenter- June Carter and Johnny Cash

  • Country Boys and Girls getting down- Tim McGraw

  • Come Together-The Beatles

You can always log on to any of your favorite music websites to hear snippets of these songs in case they aren’t familiar to you.

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